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We have been commissioned to briefly introduce you to Mel and give you an impression of what to expect from her in this blog which has been codenamed;


We know a little bit about Mel and thought this name suits her blog perfectly. We’ve known Mel for a number of years now, mainly as a colleague. Although it isn’t her main recreational interest, she’s one of those few who happen to know a lot more about football than the fickle supporters in her neighbourhood. For the benefit of her American readers, note that football is the English (British) equivalent to soccer.  The Brits have their English Premier League and you guys have the Major Soccer League.

That about sums it up by way of a brief explanation of this continental difference. Do bear in mind that Mel is not going to be talking about soccer at all. She did ask us to tell you why she’s following the game. Mel is doing this mainly to tease her husband. He is an ardent supporter of the once-great Leeds United. Mel, listen to this, supports Leicester City. Before we briefly outline what you’re likely to find included in the rest of this blog, let us share with you one or two anecdotes about Mel.

Mel and her husband were born and raised in the English Midlands. Of all the places in the world, they met each other halfway between Leeds and Leicester on their way to a football match. At the earliest time just after they got married, they moved to South Africa and spent many years there. And after many years, their twin daughters having grown up and returned to the motherland, the married couple decided to grow up and go home too. So, after just two years of settling back in Leicester, the town’s beloved football team went on to win the EPL for the first time ever.

Some say this is coincidence, others will say it’s auspicious. We say, this is typical of the life and times of the cheerful Mel who has been called many names, all related to her garrulous nature. Little Miss Chitty Chatty, Talkalot Mel and Fat Mel, to name but a few. Mel was, once upon a time, a very large girl. Just before returning to the UK, she addressed her weight and obesity issues and turned her life and that of her husband’s upside down.

It didn’t influence the girls much. After all, they had pretty much gone on with their lives. To tell you more would actually be a disservice to Mel. Let her do her legendary talking for the rest of the way. She did, however, asked us to tell you all that’s she going to be posting in a roundabout way, talking about her married life, her health transformation, keeping fit and, of course, giving you a blast with her random chit chat.

Married life for Mel, of course revolves, only around her beloved husband, Patrick, a retired real estate developer and building contractor, and her two daughters. The twins have gone their separate ways, one works in the food services industry, while the other has rolled up her sleeves for work in the government’s social services. Mel now works for a private company that administers old age homes, and guess, what, she’s showing the old folks a trick or two on how to stay in shape and keep fit. Ok folks, here’s Mel.

Over to you, Mel!