All right then, ladies and blokes. I’ve become a fitness fanatic. Bloody hopping mad about good health and all of the other things that go nicely along with it. So, here’s what I thought. I said to me self; let’s talk to the codgers out there who have stayed the course, reading me blog and all. Let’s for a treat, give them a peak into the life of a large, shapely woman and how she’s managing to keep in shape these days, shedding a few pounds here and there.

Let’s take a quick squizz into the life of a large, shapely woman who was once upon a time a very heavy and extra large fat so and so, and some of those things she’s doing to keep herself fit, never mind in shape. Yes, ladies and blokes, I learnt that lesson a few years ago already. Whether it was my own doing or whether the Lord Almighty put me on this earth with this huge body to drag along with, it would never matter a toot how much exercise I did or how intense these workouts were going to be, the years-long damage was done and so I was going to live with this mountain of a body.

But it was never going to be a problem. I learnt that you can work up a sweat and then lose weight here, there and everywhere but you were never going to lose all of it. The other thing was diet. Crash, going skinny diets was never going to work either. It would certainly not help me lose weight, as I found out to my absolute horror and it bloody well nearly killed me too. A healthy, balanced diet, still continuing to eat most of the meat and veggies I always used to love before, was the way to go.

There was a difference, though. No more heaps of mashed potato, no heaped up plates like before, and certainly no second helpings. Thin, small, big-boned (like me); the body was designed to only consume a certain amount of proteins and carbs (in proportion to its size and weight ratio). And another big thing. Chippers, sweets, cakes and chocolates, creamy and sugary ice creams and fizzy cool drinks were absolute no-no’s for me, especially for me.

Seeing as I never bloody well moved my arse before for most of my adult life, any bit of exercise was going to help. I was never going to run the London Marathon, for instance. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind giving it a go someday, but the event organisers would have to give me a few days head start just to be fair to me and the others. The point is you get my point. To ensure that your ticker stays healthy as a gong and you live a stress-free and now active life for the rest of your life in a healthy sort of way, you only really need a modest bit of exercise here and there.

No Arnold Schwarzenegger-type muscle building type of workouts and no Mo Farah type long-distance runs out in the country are required for normal cows like me who still has to carry a lot of weight about her in any case. Modesty is where it’s at. Leave the Chariots of Fire stuff to the pros of this world. A modest but brisk walk every other day for at least thirty minutes would do the trick, particularly if you’re only starting out.

Some weight training is fine too, but it’s going to be very light-weight if that makes any sense to you.