In order to live a long and happy life, you need to have balance. What does this mean to anyone who is reading this post? From what I can tell, it all depends on each and everyone’s own needs, I suppose. Each to his or her own, I always say. What works for one may not necessarily work for the other, is that not so, hey? Doesn’t it also depend on personal circumstances too then? One lady may have a rather full plate while another might have oodles of time on her hands.

Could I use my own life as a good example on how to harmonise your life by structuring it in such a way that it is balanced and there’s a time and place for everything. For instance, am I the perfect embodiment of someone who leaves work at the office to get home in time later at night to make her husband’s tea? And what about extra-mural activities or things of personal interest other than work and family matters or responsibilities.

Or do I have to learn from others and share with you what I’ve learned. Let’s take a look. Shall we look see then? My day starts quite early. I have to be at the old-age home by seven am to help supervise the old folks’ breakfast and get them ready and motivated for the rest of the morning’s activities. This will include a short session of their morning exercise. Before all of that happens, I still have to see to my husband’s breakfast, even though he’s semi-retired now and should have plenty of time on his hands.

Actually, I don’t have to do this, but it is my personal choice to wait on him. With the girls long out of the house, it’s helped our marriage. And don’t you worry; Patrick helps me out here and there too. But we are talking about me, or thinking generally along the lines of creating or suggesting a healthy balance in our daily lives.

When I get excited about things, for instance, now, I got a bit excited writing this post, I tend to become a little disorganised. This is a throwback to the way things used to be for me. Old habits die hard, as they say. This was what the psychiatrist told me anyway. Oh, she’s right, don’t you worry. I did follow up on her words later when I started to take a serious interest in my physical and mental health and how I was going to rectify it.

So, what has happened here is this post has got a bit disorganised. It seems to me that it’s leading nowhere and is just too much of a ramble. I’m not a writer by trade, but I spoke to one of the blokes working down at our community newspaper, and he said it was quite alright. He took a squizz at some of my posts and told me he could tell that I had a good writer’s voice, a very chatty one, if you don’t mind me saying so.

He said there’s a lot of spontaneity in my writing, and he could tell that I was being warm and sincere towards you lot, speaking straight from the heart and not mincing my words. All right, loves, time’s up. Tally ho, then.