Would you believe that there are still people in this world of ours that doubt where the actual center of the universe is? There was a time in the past when people believed that the earth on which we all live is that center. It was based on religious beliefs which, in turn, also misunderstood the fundamental teachings of philosophers and prophets. Such misunderstandings and ignorance often caused wars to be fought and the loss of millions of lives. Now what does any of this have to do with healthy eating and living for heart, body and soul, some of you might be asking.

I’m coming to that, so please bear with me. There were even those who believed that the earth was essentially flat but, as you well know by now, that was easily disproved by a famous scientist who didn’t have the software tools that we have all been gifted with today. Software is in every aspect of our lives today. If it’s not software, then it’s a microchip which can infiltrate every aspect of our personal lives.

But the technological tools are also being put to good use. Medical science and the medical practices would not be successful in helping people to cure them of debilitating diseases such as cancer, diabetes and diseases of the heart, if it weren’t for modern technology. But the fact remains, people are getting pretty darn sick, even with the benefit of modern technology. It seems to be the case that advocates for healthy living and eating, such as yourself and me, need to speak all the more loudly and write a little faster to bring home the truths about the old adage that prevention is better than cure.

If you read the literature and do what your mom always taught you, you could be saving more than just your own life. But be that is it may, it’s tough in this universe and adult men and women are faced with far too many pressures and temptations too difficult to resist. These temptations exist on our supermarket shelves and in our every day modern lives where everything around us is designed to make our lives easier.

Appliances haven’t helped a jot. People are still getting sick. I have often thought about the center of the human body. I have thought about its metaphysical center as well. Strictly speaking, accurate measurements show that this is not precise but I still believe that the human heart is the center of the body’s universe. It is also a center of great attraction and dismay for many where, as I mentioned earlier, wars have been fought, won and lost.

If people used their hearts better, there would never be any need to fight wars or have arguments in the kitchen over what to eat tonight. If people knew what to eat and did as they were supposed to, their hearts would be blessed and healthy. And if the heart is healthy, the rest of the body has a good shot at staying healthy too. Finally, I do not believe that ignorance is bliss. It takes common sense and conviction to realize that what you are eating right now may not be good for your heart at all.