All around good health can surely never be possible if you don’t have good mental health and all those positive thoughts and emotions that go along with it. But there is a balancing act involved here, folks. In order to achieve good health all over, you need to do something about those stress levels of yours. In order to have a healthy heart and body, you need to also focus on those things and the people that matter most to you in your life.

So, in my case, to achieve that aim, you will probably hear me talking a lot about Patrick and the girls if you are in my inner, social and, sometimes intimate circles. Hang around a little longer and you will soon see what I mean. But in order to have a good heart, figuratively-speaking, and a sound, sane mind, you still need to take care of that body of yours. That’s what I decided to do a few years ago and that’s what I’m continuing to do to this day until the time I can truly say, well, this is bliss.

It is human to feel down in the dumps from time to time. But start turning these moods into nasty, long-term habits and you could soon find yourself with serious problems. Feeling those brief moments of bliss from time to time is also quite normal. It would have to be extraordinary if life was one big cycle of bliss. No such chance moments in your life? Well, perhaps then, you need to make some changes. And to do this, you would to make a concerted effort to bring successful changes about by following through on a few, committed exercises.

I did some reading on the erstwhile subject of stress and, owing to time, found myself narrowing it down to three main things you could do in your life to help you reduce stress effectively. The list is longer, and the number of things that accompany each suggested exercise is even longer. To keep things brief here, I’ve narrowed the three key functions even further with some of my own thoughts on the matter rather than paraphrasing what was already written.

The three practical things you could do to greatly reduce stress in your life are; meditation, exercise and purposely depend on emotional support. I already told you briefly about my exercise legacy. Today, it is in full swing. By now you may have worked out that I am quite fortunate to having the loving support of my husband and my two adult daughters. But meditation? Now, that was one for the books, because previously, I had not given it much thought nor did I ever try it out on the recommendation of others who believed in its value.


So let me start with that tough cookie then. I was once what they call a non-believer. I just didn’t know and nothing that I had seen or heard seemed to coalesce. My husband was the same, but the two girls, bless their hearts, they went on under our noses, with our permission too, of course, and decided to explore the strange world of religion all by themselves. They were given a formative introduction in the religion that we were brought up with as children.


It now all goes without saying and is now common knowledge that exercise does reduce stress. There is no doubt about this. And I speak from experience too now. Nowadays, not a day goes by when I’m not positively glowing. If I’m not glowing on the outside, I’m still feeling quite wonderful from the day before. It is true what they say, you do not need to blast your way through rigorous and difficult exercise regimes to blow off steam and instead only need to alternate with moderate bouts of exercise such as walking or cleaning the house, with or without the vacuum cleaner.


For me, it all comes down to good old fashioned family planning. By that I did not mean the obvious. There is an old saying that a family that prays together stays together. It may well be true, seeing as we never really put this to the test. But one thing we did do until such time as the girls were old enough to be out doing their own things in life, is share our meals together. In England, we call it teatime. Most of you will be calling it dinner or supper, matters not, the family comes together to support each other at their most important time of the day, as a family, of course.

Well, I’ve done my best, because time has run out on us here. But you surely know where to find more information to follow through on the three subjects I’ve just finished raising with you here.