What is a random chit chat, by the way? Does anyone know the answer to that? It came by way of an idea introduced by one of my friends who, in turn, kindly volunteered to give the introductory notes to this here blog of mine. It was her suggestion, really. She suggested that I live up to my reputation in real life and continue to be the garrulous old girl I’ve always been. She said it’s a soft theme to use in a blog because it means you can pretty much talk about anything under the sun that tickles your fancy.

So what to talk about today then, hey? I haven’t the foggiest idea. While I’m scratching me head for ideas, let me get down to the other niggler. What the bloody hell is meant by ‘random chit chat’? Seeing as nobody bothered to come forward via my social media stream to post me some answers (at the time of writing this post, I was having one of those rare, quiet days where no-one wanted to come out and play with me, or rather, everyone was quite busy, as they should be), I decided to do a bit of googling and find out for me self.

It seemed to me as though, there were busy scribes on the World Wide Web as well who didn’t seem to have much interest in this passing trivia. After they left home, my girls kindly left their varsity dictionaries packed in old boxes in the back of our old garage back in South Africa. I’m glad that my thirst for new words was with me by the time we left South Africa because these valuable books were one of the many things that went with us to Lancashire, England.

I got hold of the Merriam-Webster phrasebook and this is what it told me. Ok, I could only dig up the word ‘chitchat’. The dictionary definition stated that it was pretty much a case of having friendly chats with folks about nonsensical, unimportant things from everyday life. Now, I have to go back to the beginning. I paraphrased the dictionary definition owing to my own habit of wanting to continue blabbering incessantly.

The dictionary simply says that ‘chitchat’ is a case of indulging in friendly conversation about unimportant things. There now, much better, don’t you think? But what about ‘random’? I looked up the full suggested statement that my mate gave me and came up empty-handed. Ladies, I think the internet is quite dilly. Anyway, I suppose I’m intelligent to know that this all means talking about the weather at the spur of the moment.

So, without further ado, let the chitchat games begin then. Folks here are still recovering from the aftershocks of Brexit. I’m not going to be telling you how my husband and I voted in this important referendum. The fact that I told you we voted at all, is more than enough information for you now. And being a former boss myself, a teatime conversation is doing the rounds with the question being asked as to whether, one of these days, women are going to rule the world. Germany has a female Chancellor. Scotland has a lady First Minister.

And now Her Majesty’s United Kingdom has a female Prime Minister once more.