Hello ladies. It’s random chit chat time. Who knows what I’m going to be talking about tonight, or this afternoon, depending on which timeline you are relying on to sweat your way through another one of my posts.  Although I must say – and this is rare – I haven’t the foggiest notion what I’m going to be gossiping about today. Now, I’ve just realised that I’ve gone on and forgotten to address one critical post on keeping fit that I think you will like.

We’ll come back to that in a moment.

Well, how about that then. A spark of an idea, wouldn’t you say. Why don’t you share your own thoughts with me and the rest of the girls on what I had to say about good exercise for what they termed so scientifically and dispassionately as ‘exercise for morbidly obese women’. Or if you haven’t got time and haven’t done so by the time I find my own way back on this post, then fair enough, I do understand, you are busy, or who knows, perhaps not too interested in what I have to say about exercising, particularly if one is overweight, well, that would be a pity, I may just go ahead and share my thoughts on the topic.

My freshest memory on that post about keeping fit has to do with the persona and role model that is Sophie Dahl on behalf of all overweight girls and women. I rather admire the superstar, come to think of it. She has set a good example and set the tone for keeping things realistic in regard to large women accomplishing great weight loss reductions and achieving optimal health by way of eating, exercising, living, sleeping and even loving healthily.

I don’t suppose too many of you remember that old Queen song from the seventies. Ooh, it was one of my favourites, although when I was a teenager I was still quite spindly and sporty. The song was ‘Fat-bottomed Girls’. One of the lines in that effervescent song was ‘fat-bottomed girls, they make the rocking world go round’. And what man, still today, does not like a girl with a big bum? Ok, perhaps not as saggy as my old lot, but I’m sure you got the point I was leading onto.

It really doesn’t even relate to fat girls like me, to put it so bluntly once more. You could be stuck in a wheelchair or blind as a bat. You could be green instead of black or white. The point is that it’s ok to be different. And if you as a young teenager are unhappy at not being accepted into the inner circle of little witches at school, that’s not your fault at all. It is entirely the fault of those selfish, pratty girls who chose to spew you out like a bitter tasting dry piece of meat.

Let them gargle on their own bile, I say. And I was only being cruel to be kind to young teenagers. What about the adults? Isn’t it still so sad that today adults remain so prejudicial about so many things related to the human condition of being different? We’re not going to be going to extreme lengths in expressing our anger and frustration, sadness or bitterness, at those who choose to remain ignorant, never mind are ignorant.

There are what you call Albinos in Southern Africa. They deal with a lot of shyte in their communities. They also happen to have a genetically-inclined skin disease which makes the sun quite harmful to them. And haven’t we all been told to stay out of the hot sun anyway? See what I mean, folks. See how ridiculous prejudice could turn out to be? Oh, and I don’t know how many times I’ve had chats with tentative young mothers fearing for their lives, never mind their children’s lives, if they happen to give birth to kids who have Down’s Syndrome. You can’t blame the little one for saying that his friend looks Chinese.

That just goes to show how observant he is. And why not have a child with Down’s syndrome? My fear, if I had to have any, would be on how to bring him or her up like a normal child in this abnormal world that still carries far too few opportunities by way of schooling, socialising and even work (when they’ve grown up). Why not have a Down’s syndrome kid? What are you really afraid of? Are you scared witless of love?

Because I have it on good authority, and I have seen it on rare occasions, that these young men and women with the slanty, Oriental-looking eyes, may just be among the best lovers on the planet. Have you seen the way those kids treat their parents and peers with special love?