I looked up good exercise for fat girls on the internet, and guess what I found; nothing. But then I forgot where I was coming from and had simply forgotten my manners – although that was never the intention; to be cruel and unkind, remember, even though I have lost quite a bit of weight and have improved my health and life over the last couple of years, I’m still a fat girl myself, in the flesh, and in heart and soul – all I was attempting at that juncture, admittedly with a little too much enthusiasm, was to be friendly through using one of my choice terms of endearment.

On my reading through what was available to me, one of the more erudite terms used to describe fat girls like me was, well, morbid. The term used was ‘morbidly obese’. Imagine that. As if to suggest that fat girls in the main are an extremely unhappy lot. Never mind the likes of super (fat) models like Sophie Dahl, the assumption is that fat girls in general are a very unhappy bunch for an extensive number of physiological and emotional reasons.

A word on Sophie Dahl and like minded large tubbies who say it is quite alright to be large and in charge before proceeding to the gist of this blog post. It is a short summary of what I make of some of the suggested exercises that are apt for large, overweight girls to practice. To most average girls, Sophie Dahl is well-known for promoting the facade that it’s ok to be overweight and that overweight women can look and feel beautiful at the same time.

Book lovers and music lovers know that Ms. Dahl is related to famous children’s book author, Roald Dahl, and pop sensation, Jamie Cullum. But, to be quite honest with you, in spite of Sophie Dahl’s inherited fame, she was once upon a time an unhappy girl. The concept of being happy with who you are in all your largess is a misnomer. The term has been hugely misunderstood. Do you remember an earlier post where I mentioned quite clearly that it was almost humanly impossible for the likes of me to shred every ounce of excess fat through most extreme and conceivable means?

Unless you want to prolong your unhappiness, try these extreme measures out and you will see that they simply do not work. No, what Sophie set out to achieve was quite admirable. Eventually, she settled into an all-round regime that was quite realistic for other large girls to follow. Now, large girls could be as fashionable as they wanted. Sophie settled into her figure by now, yes, she has lost more weight, but she’s also reasonably healthy.


Since the beginning of time it did no man and his missus and the rest of their family any harm. Since the old car became something of a status symbol a few years after it was invented, just like the TV, those who did not have such essential items, never mind luxury items, were deemed to be rather poor or quite odd. But look who’s laughing now while others are still grumbling their way across the couch to reach for their remote or bowl of crisps.


The professional trainers kindly referred to it in layman’s terms as water exercise. I’m calling it splashing in the water for now, because that’s what I do most of the time when I am in the water. And, yes, you are quite right; I cannot swim to save my life. But for peak performance where exercise for overweight women is concerned, you don’t need to. Go to the shallow end of the pool and simply start walking. Water exercise, follow this up with the experts, is a great way to reduce excess body fat.


I’m calling it thus to keep to my simple and unpretentious tone for my blog, going forward. I also call it posing, because it is not nearly as imposing and strenuous as the ancient Chinese and Japanese martial arts that already come highly recommended for the much lighter of us. All you are really doing is mimicking the real McCoy. Tai Chi, by the way, also includes a degree of meditation while in motion. Now, this doesn’t sound easy at all, but watch old Mel give this a try anyway.


The name I have given to versions of weight training in the gym expressly designed for grossly overweight men and women is both honest and accurate. One website – there will be hundreds, who have all given it similar names, refers to its series of apt exercises as strength training. Training for what? The Olympics? Climbing Mt Everest? Who says it must be training? Exercise, inside or outside a gym, is supposed to be fun, not hard work.